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    Great investment, promote the development of Anyang Liuzhou District

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    In July 8th, Anyang City Industrial Agglomeration District Liuzhou zoning standardized plant construction site, the general manager of Tianjin Quanzhou construction group deputy general manager Aaron, 100 investment development company, Zhang Zhongxi said excitedly: "my hometown is Ma Jian Zhen, is home to contribute more to. We invest 120 million yuan, covers an area of 100 acres of 55 thousand square meters of standardized plant can be built at the end."
    since the beginning of this year, Long'an district investment to promote development, relying on regional advantages, innovative investment approach, to seek new breakthroughs. The investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan Shanxi Kegong Longsheng air cooling equipment industrial park has started construction; investment 120 million Yuan Yu Jin Ming silicon industry projects, investment of 130 million yuan to be completed by the end of the project Jin Shenghao metallurgical material; 1 billion 500 million yuan investment in the Taiwan international agriculture ecological leisure park project has signed investment intention; the investment of 500 million yuan in Tianjin Ju Xiang metal products project, investment 500 million yuan of Anhui special cable project investment intentions have been identified; the investment of 1 billion 500 million yuan Wangjiahuan agricultural logistics park project, Shenzhen Dongli features commercial street development project, a group of foreign capital Longquan town development projects and projects are located in longan.
    to promote the full investment, the district leadership to first-line investment. To invest 1 billion 500 million yuan in Shanxi Kegong Longsheng air cooling equipment Industrial Park project is the introduction of ground, the principal leaders of the district led 7 times to go to Shanxi, 3 run Luoyang, for customers to contact the business, burdened with home businesses, after repeated negotiations, the project finally started landing. The implementation of district and township leadership "1/2 method", the principal leaders of the District, township streets party chief turns led to foreign investment, to promote Tianjin Ju Xiang metal products project, district leaders repeatedly went to Tianjin docking, the two sides have signed investment intention, projects a total investment of 1 billion yuan, the production ship export nail etc. type and high value-added products. The
    District focused industrial chain investment, the chain around the non-ferrous metal industry to carry out investment, focus on supporting enterprises to carry out investment, Yubei gold around the lead, copper, Mitutoyo group, Minshan Hongyan ferroalloy and other leading enterprises, mining, planning and packaging industry investment projects, to carry out industrial coordination, the introduction of supporting industry association. Investment of 200 million yuan of investment projects, the Ni Cr alloy 150 million in Henan Jin Yuan Ming silicon industry projects have started construction.

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