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    The basic use and development direction of iron alloy

    Detailed Description

    Iron alloy (English Ferroalloys), generalized ferroalloy is refers to the steel as a kind of oxygen, element additives, such as the addition of molten iron in the steel with a certain characteristics or to achieve a certain requirements of a product. An intermediate alloy consisting of iron and one or several elements, mainly used in iron and steel smelting.

    Iron alloy is generally used as: in the process of steel smelting in the removal of oxygen in the molten steel, some of the iron alloy can also remove other impurities such as sulfur, nitrogen, etc.. According to the requirements of alloy additives: steel composition, properties of alloying elements in steel to improve the steel. Inoculation: adding iron to the water before casting, improving the crystal structure of the casting.

    Basic use of iron alloys

    As a deoxidizing agent, is the most widely used manganese, ferrosilicon and ferromanganese. A strong deoxidizing agent for aluminum (Lv Tie), calcium, silicon zirconium etc. (see deoxidation steel). As the common varieties of alloy additives are: Ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferrotungsten, ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium, titanium iron, nickel, niobium (tantalum) iron, iron alloy, rare earth, iron and boron. Various ferroalloy and according to the needs of steel, according to the content of the alloy element or carbon content of many grades, and strictly limit the content of impurities. Iron alloy containing two or more alloying elements called Fe alloys, can also join or deoxidation alloying elements using this kind of iron alloy, beneficial to the steelmaking process, and can be more economical and reasonable utilization of ore resources. Commonly used are: manganese silicon, calcium, silicon, aluminum, zirconium silicon calcium manganese silicon and rare earth ferrosilicon.

    Steelmaking with pure metal additives are aluminum, titanium, nickel and metal silicon, metal manganese, metal chromium, etc.. Some easily reduced oxides, such as NiO and MoO, are also used to replace iron alloys. In addition, there are iron nitride alloys, such as after nitrided ferrochrome, ferromanganese, and mixed with the iron alloy heating heating agent.

    Development trend of iron alloy in China

    The future of China's ferroalloy industry should focus on changing the mode of development, control the total scale, the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the overall level of equipment; optimize the industrial layout and the allocation of resources, improve the industry concentration; the implementation of the "going out" strategy, enhance the international competitiveness of Chinese ferroalloy industry, achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.

    Vigorously eliminate backward production capacity, strict control of new projects. At present, ferroalloy production equipment in China and the following 6300 volt dry furnace accounts for a larger proportion, through the elimination of backward production capacity, improve the overall control of the new project, China's ferroalloy electric furnace technology and equipment.

    Aiming at the serious overcapacity problem of ferroalloy industry, two aspects of the relevant departments of the state from the macro and micro governance, strict examination and approval of ferroalloy new projects, total control, to prevent low-level redundant construction.

    Rational allocation of resources, energy, and vigorously develop the circular economy. With the development of ferroalloy industry in the circular economy, we should do the following: one is for the effective comprehensive utilization of manganese ore, chrome ore resources, improve resource utilization efficiency, energy, building block technology implementation and dephosphorization, the enrichment of manganese ore preheating and deoxidation, sintering, pellet ore powder etc.. Two is to optimize the domestic and imported ore rich ore ratio, increasing furnace ore grade, ensure manganese chromium and energy consumption index and the main elements of the recovery rate reaches a certain level. The three is the comprehensive utilization and recycling of gas, slag and soot in the semi closed and closed furnace recycling. Four is above the coal, electric industry chain as a link, the formation of coal, electricity, metallurgy, the integration of ferroalloy enterprise groups, vigorously develop the circular economy.

    Exert regional advantages to form large enterprise groups, improve industrial concentration. In order to truly become Chinese ferroalloy production power, must make enterprises bigger and stronger, the formation of large-scale production and management, the formation of a number of large production scale, high management level and high quality products in the new industry group. Mainly should do the following:

    First, in accordance with the principles of the market, with the existing large enterprise groups as the foundation, accelerate the implementation of corporate mergers and acquisitions, expand production scale. The two is to encourage and support large enterprises, assets, resources, brand and industrial chain joint implementation of mergers and cross-border, cross regional, cross industry, build a new group of downstream communications. Three is to regulate the construction of industrial parks around the high load, to strengthen the local regional enterprises, to promote industrial centralization, large-scale, the direction of the development of the base.

    Over the years, steel, CITIC, Minmetals and company reorganization of the Ji Chuan Jin iron, iron, iron, iron e lake, but the overall pace, slow progress. In accordance with the planning of the revitalization of the steel industry, to do strong, big ferroalloy industry, large-scale integration and restructuring of the industry is imperative.

    The implementation of the "going out" strategy, strengthening the protection of resource strategy and improving the safety of the industry. China is not only a big iron alloy production, but also a large consumption of iron alloy products. In 2008, China ferroalloy 5 million tons of crude steel production to meet domestic demand, supporting the rapid development of China's iron and steel industry, as well as iron alloy 1/6 products in the export restrictions under strict out of the country. This shows that China's ferroalloy industry, whether it is the production capacity or supply capacity, has considerable influence in the international. Therefore, the reasonable development and utilization of domestic ore, lean ore and other mineral resources, China should encourage the production, trade, mining enterprises have better conditions to work together

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